A volunteer’s eye view of the journey so far with Jewels for Cures.

‘Volunteer’ according to the Collins English Dictionary is defined ….to offer oneself or ones choice without being forced. Although in my case I would have to say ‘coerced’ (dictionary definition ‘ compelled’).

How did a girl like me get involved with a dynamic girl like Alison McCormick, founder of Jewels for Cures you may well ask. We are chalk and cheese, oil and water as different in personality as we are dark and fair, but for some magical reason it works. It came about the way many a great day out in Ireland happens at a very happy funeral, if you could say such a thing. Alison and I were on nodding terms, I knew nothing about Jewels for Cures she walked up to me and said ‘Will you help me’, within a short space of time I heard words from myself….’ Yes I can do that’…’Yes I can help you there’. She is very good Ms. Alison McCormick, that is why Jewels for Cues has been successful.

And so our journey together started. On our journey we have laughed, had the odd cry, met people including our previous President Mrs. McAleese at Aras and Uachtarain, they have all indeed opened their hearts to us, helped us, stood by us,raised funds with us with no other agenda but to help bring in those much needed donations to benefit cancer research and us all in the long run.

We are volunteers, we receive no salaries or expenses , it all goes where it should. Whether it is a fundraiser for Cancer Clinical Research or at a small local level by pitching in anything is possible. The proof of the pudding came from Dr. Dennis Slamon, American Oncologist, inventor of Herceptin when he said to Alison, ‘ It is thanks to dedicated people across the world fundraising for research that Herceptin came about.’ What more incentive does a person need, how many lives has it saved, how many mothers have been here to attend important milestones in their childrens’ lives ?.

On to our Great Fundraiser for 2014. The Brian Boru Millennium Crown… read on below on our web page for all the details, ‘like’ us on our Facebook page. Apart from raising money, lets have laughter, dance, and a bit of good old fashioned fun. Maybe you too would like to be ‘compelled’ to join Jewels for Cures on this road we hope so.

Patricia Walsh – Jewels For Cures Volunteer