About Jewels for Cures

Alison at the Shannon River

Alison’s McCormick’s idea for the Brian Boru Millennium Crown is a piece of history itself.

As a child, Alison used to walk along the seafront in Clontarf collecting mussels and crabs with her brother. One sunny day, the remains of a boat appeared to have risen from underneath the sand.  “Oh!” she said. “Look at the boat!” Her brother looked and answered: “Do you know who that boat belonged to?”

Alison McCormick, Founder of Jewels For Cures

She was only seven years of age, but became intrigued immediately and urged her brother to tell her more.

“It was Brian Boru’s boat. He was victorious in the battle of Clontarf on Good Friday 1014. Did you know he was our High King?”

Recently Alison walked along Clontarf to discover that the boat had disappeared, but the  memory of Brian Boru always remained.

From these childhood memories, she envisages a new legacy and a new heritage – The Brian Boru Millennium Crown and the Descendancy Scroll – – to honor the great High King and today’s modern heroes who work tirelessly to fight cancer.

A cancer survivor herself, funding cancer clinical research is one of her deepest passions – and thus Jewels for Cures was born.

Jewels for Cures


The original team of Jewels for Cures with President Mary McAleese

The Jewels For Cures fundraiser concluded in 2016, and is no longer actively raising funds. However, if you would like to make a donation to the CCRT on behalf of Jewels For Cures or the Brian Boru Millennium Crown, you can do this directly on the Cancer Clinical Research Trust donations website.

Advisory Committee, Brian Boru Millennium Crown

  • Patron – The Rt. Hon. the Lord Inchiquin Conor O’Brien, 32nd direct descendant of Brian Boru.
  • Alison McCormick – Director and Founder of Jewels for Cures in 2010. A cancer survivor and active member of Rotary Club Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
  • Professor John Crown – Consultant Medical Oncologist, Director Cancer Clinical Research Trust.