2013 Auction – Fitzpatrick Killiney Castle

An auction was held in December 2013 which raised over €5,000. Read the writeup in the Irish Times

Lot NumberDescription of item(s)
1Silver owl with turquoise stones
29 carat gold necklace
3Irish harp and chain
4Scarf ring
5Multicoloured bracelet and necklace
69 carat gold chain
7Signet ring with intial 'M'
89 carat gold bracelet
9Presentation wallet and purse
109 carat signet ring
11Gold-coloured Earrings?
12 Gold-coloured Earrings?
13Gold-coloured chain?
149 carat london bridge medallion
15Leonardo collection angel figurine
16Ainsley bone china cottage garden vase
17Ainsley large bone china cottage garden vase
18Ainsley small bone china cottage garden vase
19Ainsley small bone china vase
20Ainsley bone china urn
21Royal Doulton plate
22Ainsley small vase
23Newbridge & EPNS - 6 dessert spoons, 6 teaspoons, 6 large forks,
6 small forks, 6 dessert forks, 6 large knives, 6 small knives,
6 soup spoons, 2 serving spoons, 6 fish knives, 2 eggspoons
24Newbridge - 2 cake slices
25Odds & Ends - 7 small dessert forks, 1 knife, 1 dessert spoon, 1 thongs, 3 serviette rings
26Painting "FOREVER
271 Handwoven rug
281 Handwoven rug
29Picasso plate
30Costume jewellery lace choker
31Magnetic clasp necklace
32Dress watch
33Black costume jewellery jewelled bracelet
34Ring with faux diamonds
35Faux stone bracelet
36Faux stone bracelet
3714 carat gold Hand of Palestine necklace
38Faux diamond bracelet
39Venetian pin
40Faux diamond bracelet
41Gold? Chain
429 carat necklace
439 carat bracelet
44Turquoise necklace
45Neckchain and pendant with 'Orla' written on it
46A.S.J. 9 carat gold gate bracelet
479 carat necklace with diamante stones
48Rosanna Davison's Miss World specially made necklace & earring set
49Ring with Queen Victoria emblem
50Gold? Necklace
51Silver Ring
52Metal core - front & back 9 carat gold bangle
54Metal core - front & back 9 carat gold bangle
55Metal core front & back 9 carat gold bangle
56Silver link bracelet
579 carat chain
58Dress ring with stone
59Costume earrings with stone
60Jasmine design bracelet with purple stone
61William Egan of Cork silver medallion
629 carat gold bangle
63Rose gold bangle
64Silver bracelet 925
65Silver bangle
669 carat gold gate bracelet
679 carat gold gate bracelet
6814 carat gold bangle
699 carat gold bangle
70Bangle - Carat?
71Costume cross with amethyst stone
729 carat gold bangle
7314 carat gold necklace
7424 carat electroplated maile leaf
75Heart locket necklace with gold chain
769 carat gold ring with stones
77Sterling silver necklace and bracelet
78D'orlan clip on earrings
795 stone Edwardian diamond ring
80Chinese freshwater cultured pearls necklace
81Chester 1915 sterling silver
82Medallion of Barbados
83Gold Turquoise type stone ring
84Special Grapefruit silver plated spoons
859 carat gold ring with sapphires and diamonds
86Cornelian Bracelet, earrings and necklace sterling silver
87Tazza EPNS dish
88EPNS marmalade dish
899 carat gold chain
90Diamond and ruby tie pin
91Faux pearl necklace
92Powder compact
93Dress bracelet
94EPNS 'Finuala' cup
95Small pepper pot
9618 carat Wedding band
97Dublin 1973 silver salt cellar
989 carat gold boxing glove charms
99Silver chainmail purse
100Silver pepper pot
101Omega watch
102Murano glass pendant
10313.9 grams 18 carat diamond and ruby brooch
104Maile leaf electroplated necklace
105Maile leaf electroplated necklace
106Maile leaf electroplated necklace
1079 carat chain
108EPNS or Silver? Sugar bowl
109SS? Ashtray
110925 Grape Jug and Bowl
111Sterling (Mexican) bowl
113Rolled gold bangle
114Costume jewellery ring
1151920 Connolly 9 carat gold watch
116Costume watch pendant
117Baby's bracelet
118EPNS Sugar bowl
119EPNS Coffee pot
120EPNS Teapot
121EPNS Coffee pot
122Seiko watch
123Serviette ring (no marking)
124EPNS Coffee pot
125Hand towel holder
127Painting Brian Merry Newcastle P to P 2007
128Painting Thomas Ryan Snow Scene
129Painting - Smoke House Martin Bernan
130Brown evening bag
131Clutch evening bag
132Toast rack
1339 carat gold pendant 3.5 grams
1349 carat gold bracelet 1.5 grams
135Cut glass butter dish
136Pair of Chinese candle holders
137Pair of Chinese candle holders
138Pair of Chinese candle holders
139Teapot 547
140Silver plated mustard pot and spoon
141Coloured stone necklace and pendant
142Dress clip on earrings
1439 carat gold ring with stone
144Glass marmelade pot
145Pair of serviette rings (no marking)
146Hand cut Lead crystal rose bowl
147Glass vase
148EPBM Sugar bowl and jug
149Sugar bowl
151Horse BY Mary Reynolds
152Clares Glen Gerald Fitzgerald
153Bridge at Sheen Falls Gerald Fitzgerald
154Vietnamese Landscape
155Water Colour Print signed Tom Lynch
156Water colour Prints Tom Lynch
157Curtis Watch, Rings, earings and Necklace
158Curtis Watch, Rings, earings and Necklace
159Debrorah Veale Necklace and earings
160Debrorah Veale Necklace
16121st Birthday 9ct gold Necklet
1628ct FT locket silver
163Waterford? Crystal Jars
164Waterford? Crystal Jars
165 Silver Claddagh Broach
16695% Silver Dish
168Necklace Green
169Ring Sapphire and Diamonds
170Gold coloured Metal Broach
171Covered Crystal Bowl
172Silver Picture Frame
173Cream Embroidered Table Cloth
174Lace Table Cloth
175Pair of Candle Holders
176Set of Sheffield Steel Knives
177Large Table Cloth
178Victorian Address Book
1794 Silver/Metal Wine glasses
180Two Silver Shot Glasses
181Glass Cinnamon Jar