Press Coverage – 2010 Westbury Auction

Jewels for Cures receives extensive media coverage for 2010
Westbury Auction fundraiser

We received fantastic coverage for our 2010 event, with extensive coverage across the Irish press, and also coverage on radio and television. We would like to thank everyone who helped us publicize the event, which helped raise tens of thousands of euro for the Cancer Clinical Research Trust.

Many thanks to the following news outlets:

  • SocialDublin
  • Daily Mail
  • Irish Examiner
  • Daily Mirror
  • The Sun
  • Metro
  • The Star
  • Star Chic Magazine
  • Sunday Business Post
  • Evening Herald
  • The Dubliner
  • Social & Personal Magazine
  • Tribune Magazine
  • The Irish Times
  • Irish Independent
  • Today FM
  • 4FM
  • TV3 Ireland AM

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